The seminars listed below will qualify your contractor to correctly install and service our products.  We also furnish the names that were acquired at the seminar to our technical support people so that phone calls from your contractors get handled as soon as we receive them.  With your permission, all attendees of our seminars will be emailed our newsletter.  New products, technical support information and lots of other informative items will be in our newsletter.

Seminar attendees also will be added to our list of authorized contractors that we recommend on our website.  Homeowners and builders looking for our products are also looking for the local contractor that is ready to hear from them and do their projects.

  • All seminars require a minimum of 10 attendees.  Seminar Price will be based on actual attendance or 10 attendees, whichever is larger.  The distributor will be invoiced for the seminar.
  • All seminars require 1 distributor attendee to monitor quality of delivery.
  • Distributors are responsible for seminar location, drinks, snacks and/or meals.
  • XCI Zoning will provide all sales and technical training documents.
  • XCI Zoning will provide a catalog for each Contractor Company.
  • Once a Seminar has been scheduled, failure to cancel a week before the scheduled seminar date will result in a charge of 50% of the minimum for the cancelled seminar.

Zoning Seminar (4 hrs/$30.00 per person)
4 hour Zoning Seminar includes:
Introduction to Zoning
Why Zoning (how to sell zoning)
Technical Side of Zoning
How Zoning Affects Load Calculations and Psychometrics

Zoning Seminar (2 hrs/$20.00 per person)
2 hour Zoning Seminar includes:
Why Zoning (how to sell zoning)
Technical Side of Zoning