Zoning Controllers

XCI Controllers feature the latest and most advanced zone controls available in their class and are designed to deliver reliable operation for years. Time saving push button controls reduce installation time. System monitoring and troubleshooting is simple with the convenient full function display and LED’s for monitoring supply air temp, system-wide calls and damper status.

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Sturdy ribbed construction insures roundness and strength. Dampers are available power open/power close, power close/spring open, power open/spring close, and modulating for Carrier™ and Bryant™ zoning systems. Aluminum, opposed blade rectangular dampers are available in the same configurations.

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It used to be that zone control was as crude as turning off individual radiators or installing window air conditioners for each room. Those methods were costly, unsightly and largely impractical. Modern homes and buildings require modern zone control systems that will work invisibly to provide clean, healthy and comfortable heating and cooling exactly where the customer wishes. New technologies and ideas available today enable zone control systems to offer more features and better comfort than ever before. Zone control manufacturers who have kept up with technological advances are offering systems that include an array of new solutions that weren’t available even a year ago…
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